Heirloom Quality Stone Work

Lamphere Stoneworks' specializes in doing the impossible with stone. 

As Master Stone Masons, we create heirloom quality artistic features and traditional stone structures. Whether crafting large unique structures or simple stone landscape elements, our enthusiasm and workmanship are unparalleled. Through creative collaboration with clients, landscape designers, architects, and engineers, we have yet to find the boundaries of our craft. 

We represent two generations of experience as Master Stone Masons. Our experience isn't limited to stonework - from excavation to finished carpentry, our knowledge and experience can guide you through commercial and residential improvements.

Our passion comes from knowing that we have carefully managed and protected our project while adding value to your home - your most important financial and personal asset. 

When a project comes to an end, we hope you see the investment as a celebration; an acknowledgment of the creativity, communication, hard work, and mutual respect that exceeded your expectations. Through the process, our goal is to become trusted friends and advisors, not just contractors. 

As artists who honor these values, we make it our mission to deliver Stonework that lasts for generations - building responsibly in ways that add value and beauty to your property. 

Each stone has been uniquely created by the universe, it is up to the artisan to bring forth its full potential and specific placement on a project. This is where we excel. 

Ready to work with Lamphere Stoneworks?

Ready to work with Lamphere Stoneworks?