Heirloom Quality Stone Work

Heirloom evokes the concept of time measured by generations, both past, and future.

We believe that the word "Heirloom" conjures feelings of something honored and valued passed down through generations. Something that is shared from the past but also so revered it is timeless, which allows us to put a feeling and a message behind our methods and our project goals. 

We utilize authentic tools and techniques (hammer, chisel, wedge and feather, pin Lewis) to split, define, and assemble our projects. This means stonework that is crafted with old-school techniques.

Our work honors a traditional craft with timeless results, a creation that will grow in reverence for generations to come...

Lamphere Stoneworks represents your financial interest by adding value to your property while bringing it to its full potential. Whether your project is purely for pleasure (water feature), functional enjoyment (fireplace) or a practical element with depth and dimension (retaining walls), every element is designed, chosen, placed, and created with the skill to be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come.

We feel that our projects hold a "living energy" that multiplies with time, becoming more beautiful with every season, every year, and every generation. 

Our favorite material is natural stone.

We source from a variety of local and regional quarries. We have also incorporated stone from as far away as Ireland. Every piece of stone brought to a project is handpicked. There have also been several occasions when we have been able to use stone sourced on site. We have experience using cultured stone, pavers, and brick, but our specialty is natural stone. 

We have a passion for working with large stone. 

Our work can be found in the NYS Capital Building, small alcoves all over New York, Vermont, and Massachusettes; and as far away as Georgia and Texas. Our creations have been featured in movies, and in 2003 Masonry Contractor Association of America recognized our work [International Excellence in Masonry Awards Competition]. Our artisans were one of the first to be allowed to restore historically significant structures in New York: the NYS Capital and Mt. Lebanon Shaker Village, just to name a few. 

Heirloom Quality Stone Work